John Kazimer
John Kazimer
John Kazimer

Obituary of John Kazimer

Words we never wanted to speak, let alone write - our dad, John Kazimer, has passed at the age of 80. Some might thing that’s plenty of time on this earth, but not when talking about a man like him. A man full of love and dad jokes.  

John Kazimer was born in 1943, in Cleveland Ohio. He later moved to Denver, Colorado where he lived until he took his last breath on New Year’s Eve 2023. He is survived by his loving wife of 55 years, Jacqueline, his daughters, Jennie and Julie, his two grandsons, Samuel and Jon Anthony (wife Kaley, deceased) and his favorites out of the bunch, pups, Killer and Minnie.  

Dad worked hard all of his life, first at United Airlines and later at Costco. He was the sort of man who never called in sick. Though he did call in ‘gone fishing’ a time or two.  

Around the medical community, John was known as the ‘miracle man’, after surviving so many probable life-ending events. I had hoped he’d have one last miracle in him, but maybe the miracle was that after battling stage 4 cancer for a year, he didn’t suffer for long after choosing to stop treatment.   

We loved him immensely. So much so that words fail to express the loss.

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