Fred Pfahler Jr.
Fred Pfahler Jr.
Fred Pfahler Jr.

Obituary of Fred S. Pfahler Jr.

In Loving Memory of Fred S. Pfahler Jr.

Fred S. Pfahler Jr., born in Evanston, Illinois in 1938, peacefully passed away in his sleep on May 20, 2023, due to complications of Parkinson's disease. He leaves behind a legacy of adventure, intellectual curiosity, and profound spirituality that touched the lives of all who knew him.

Fred was a true lover of the great outdoors. He spent a significant part of his life engaged in thrilling activities such as rock climbing, hiking, cross-country skiing, river and ocean kayaking, and sailing. Nature was his sanctuary, and he found solace and inspiration in its beauty and grandeur.

His thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Fred had a deep fascination with subjects such as human physiology, neural and cognitive science, and religion. He would often be found immersed in books, seeking to understand the intricate workings of the human mind and the mysteries of the universe. His commitment to learning was remarkable.

Fred's spiritual journey led him to the Shambala Center, where he studied Buddhism and achieved a high level of meditation practice. His dedication to inner growth and mindfulness was evident in the way he approached life, always striving to find balance, peace, and enlightenment.

Music held a special place in Fred's heart. He had a profound appreciation for jazz, particularly the works of Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, and Leonard Cohen. Their melodies provided a soundtrack to his contemplative moments, and the power of their music resonated deeply within him.

Fred was the beloved son of Fred S. Pfahler and Mildred Jean Whiteside Pfahler. He cherished his cousin, Jean Provine, and his daughter, Kara Larsen, who brought immense joy and love into his life.

Professionally, Fred was a computer engineer and founded his own company, Daedal Logic Systems. He also worked at Intel in Tualatin, Oregon, where his expertise and innovation left a lasting impact on the field.

He last resided at The Retreat at Church Ranch, where he found comfort and support from a community that was caring and loving.

In accordance with his wishes, Fred's remains will be cremated, and his ashes will be spread at Mount Audubon, Colorado, a place that held a special significance for him. It is a fitting final resting place for a man who found serenity in the mountains and drew inspiration from the natural world.

Fred S. Pfahler Jr. will be remembered for his indomitable spirit, his thirst for knowledge, his reverence for nature, and his unwavering pursuit of enlightenment. His legacy will continue to inspire those who were fortunate enough to have shared in his journey.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Parkinson's Foundation or a charity of your choice in Fred's honor.

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