Mary Jokinen

Obituary of Mary Louise Jokinen


Mary Jokinen was born on May 30, 1942 as Mary Janukalys. Leo Janukalys and Louise O'Komeman adopted her, and  shortened their last name to Januks as it was easier to pronounce.


Mary was married, had children, and was divorced by the 1970's.  She began waiting tables to support her children and soon realized that wasn't going to cut it financially, so she went back to school and got her bachelor's degree and master's degree in accounting, which she was very proud of. She learned the value of hard work while helping her father with his lawn care service and newspaper route.


By the 1980's, Mary met and married her husband Arnold "Jock" Jokinen and they eventually settled in Brighton, Colorado.


She leaves behind Samuel Rable, John Rable, James  Rable, Theresa Ellenberg, Mia Wessel, 10 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren with one more on the way.


Mary passed at the age of 80, and is preceded in death by her ex-husband and father of her children Frank Rable, her granddaughter Rebecca Ellenberg, Daughter in law Tina Rable, and her loving husband Jock. Mary was very loved, and she had a pretty large family for being adopted. Mary was a "tough old broad" as she would say, and she will be greatly missed. 

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