Elizabeth Reil

Obituary of Elizabeth Anne Reil

Elizabeth was born in Colorado Springs on June 18, 1971. She died in Denver just days before her 50th birthday. She lived most of her life in the Denver area.

Liz received a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Metro State College, Denver, in June 1994, then worked in a succession of small company projects involving implementation of data bases for health insurers, school administrators, and inventory management. She traveled frequently throughout the United States.

But her passion quickly became aviation and she spent almost all of her latter years working with industry leading companies, and the Air Force, in designing and implementing flight navigation systems and satellite tracking applications.

Always, Liz lived in a close relationship with God. She was active in Christian congregations in Colorado, Texas, Washington and Missouri.

Liz liked children and cats and the New England Patriots. She championed underdogs and the disadvantaged and was generous to a fault.

But most importantly, Liz loved and was loved back.

Liz is survived by her Dad, Richard; her mother Donna; her step-mother Rita; her sister Felicia (Zak); her brother Matthew (Bobbie); her niece Audrey; and several Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

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