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Obituary of Tyson Kent Collier

On Friday October 9, 2020, Tyson Kent Collier, passed away at age 70.

Tyson was born on June 30, 1950 in Green River, Wyoming. He was the youngest of six children born to Kenneth and Eva Collier. Tyson’s adventurous spirit put him in many interesting situations, whether it was sledding down Man’s Face or swinging over the Green River, his exploits were almost always a group effort with his siblings, cousins, and friends. Tyson’s mom moved him and his siblings to Denver, CO in his preteen years. He spent much of his Jr High years running from the Chaffee Park Boys and his high school years at North Denver High School. Tyson was drafted into the United States Army in 1970 and promptly signed up as a dental hygienist, unfortunately for him his medical training landed him the job of a medic and a ticket to Vietnam. He served in the Vietnam War from 1971 to 1972 as a medic and was stationed at Third Field Hospital in Saigon. Although it was one of the toughest times in his life, Tyson’s time spent in Vietnam had a profound impact in shaping the man he became. After he returned from the war he met the love of his life, Sherry. Tyson and Sherry were married on February 19, 1977. Their marriage lasted for 43 years on earth but their love is eternal. Tyson and Sherry’s marriage produced two children, Ryan and Sabrina. With their young family blossoming and the need for more room, Tyson moved his immediate and some extended family to the “Collier Compound.” The new “Compound” was bustling with activity from the several units of extended family that combined to become one amazing familial group.

Although Ryan and Sabrina were his biological children, during this time Tyson would help raise many of his nieces and nephews, being the steady male figure in their lives. Tyson did not reserve his love for just those living in the Collier Household, any niece/nephew, or family friend was treated as part of the family unit! As the children of the compound grew so did their love for sports, this was mainly attributed to Tyson’s love of sports. There wasn’t a day at the “Collier Compound,” that a game of basketball, football, kickball, or any number of other sports wasn’t happening. This love of sports and his kids pushed Tyson to want to coach. He went on to coach many sports, but more so, he went on to be influential in numerous kid’s lives. Tyson’s legacy was solidified with the birth of his grandchildren. Tyson has 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter that will continue his legacy for years to come. Most recently, Tyson’s favorite activities have been watching, teasing, and interacting with his grandchildren. He was and will continue to be an integral part of them growing into amazing young people. Tyson’s greatest accomplishment would be the profound impact he has had on the people in his life and even more so, the impact he has had on all the kids he has cared for, loved, and helped raise!

Tyson will be remembered for so many different things by so many different people. Anyone that came in contact with him will have a story to tell! All people who are remembered fondly are remembered for their attributes and the way they made people feel. Tyson has many great attributes and always made people feel as though they were important! Even though he had several great attributes, there are a few that stand out more than the others. Tyson was a first class story teller. He was able to weave, maybe blur the lines between fiction and reality so finely that most did not know what was real or embellished. Truthfully no one cared if it was made up, as it was always entertaining. Tyson loved to sing and dance especially to 50’s music. Favorite song to sing? Any number of obscure quirky songs from the past. Favorite dance? He didn’t have a particular dance, just great dancing partners, like his wife, sisters, or

his mom! Tyson was a master at telling Dad Jokes, he enjoyed watching the reaction, especially of his grandchildren, to his latest quip! Tyson would make sure he found a way to make you and himself laugh, and rarely did you spend any significant time with him without having laughed! Along with that he was a magnificent wood worker. Tyson was able to create some of the most absolutely beautiful pieces. It was one of the things that came easy to him and he thoroughly enjoyed his time creating. One of his greatest attributes was the way he made you feel. Tyson left everyone feeling as though they were valued and important, not only to him, but to the world!

Tyson is survived by his wife Sherry, his son Ryan (Misty), his daughter Sabrina (Evie), his grandkids Evie Jr., J.J., Brysen, Moose, Alyssa, and Corey. His three sisters Karen, Lynn and Carroll. Tyson was preceded in death by his mother, Eva, his father, Kenneth and his siblings Sonny and Ami.

Tyson is loved dearly and will be missed by all.

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