Tony Nieto
Tony Nieto
Tony Nieto

Obituary of Tony Nieto

Our world lost an amazing human being on Monday, May 25, 2020 when Tony passed away of natural causes. Tony Nieto, known to many as Toe-Knee-Knee-Toe, was a loving husband to Angie Nieto, the best father and father figure to Louie, Ernie, Lucinda, Marilyn, and Ralph, a loyal brother to seven siblings (Alonzo, Emilio, Joe, Jesus, Carmen, Beatrice, and Lucy), and a great uncle and friend to many. 


Tony, “T”, Uncle Tony, is most commonly remembered for his amazing sense of humor. He brought laughter everywhere he went through his sarcasm, little tricks, and most often his simple way of thinking. He approached life with the same light and simple manner, often saying, “life doesn’t have to be hard, just do the right thing and be happy.” 


Tony will also be remembered for the wonderful marriage he and Angie shared. They always walked hand in hand everywhere they went. He often joked that heaven would have a tough act to follow. Which if you know Angie, you know what he meant. 


He was a father and father figure to many. He was an example of the type of person he encouraged us to be; loyal, honest, strong, lighthearted, kind, and generous. He didn’t take life too seriously and was happy with “enough.” We all have memories of Tony taking us fishing in Oak Creek, his shortcuts and his everyday adventures that often got him in trouble with Angie, his gadgets and puzzles, and his ability to fix things in the most creative ways. He was generous with his children and so many of their friends. Memories such as him taking Louie and Ernie and the neighborhood boys to get haircuts or driving Lucinda’s school friends to Dairy Queen on the way back from field trips are only a few. 


Tony was a good and loyal friend. He didn’t have acquaintances, instead friends for life. He made conversation and friends with anyone who crossed his path. His oldest and dearest friends Gary and Elaine Sullivan often joined him and Angie on road trips across Colorado, vacations and cruises to Mexico, Panama Canal, and countless other adventures. He had close friendships with those he worked with at Public Service, his Pinochle friends he played cards with since 1976, the guys he played pool with at the Center, and of course his long time Oak Creek friends. 


Tony left us all better for knowing him and blessed to have him as part of our lives. Thank you for the memories, life lessons, and kindness you instilled in us. Missing you today and every day until we meet again. 


Love you dad.


My brother Tony


I have fond memories of Tony. He was my big brother and had a big influence on my life. We grew up

together in Oak Creek, Colorado, a small coal mining town near Steamboat Springs. He was my

protector, my hero and a good, kind and decent person. He was big, strong, and had great hands. I

remember him playing in a championship football game, in the snow in Oak Creek against Carbondale with gloves on and leaping up to catch the winning pass of the game.


He always had great cars. He had a cherry 1936 Chevrolet coupe that some friends and I borrowed one day and took for a joy ride. Unfortunately, I ran it up the side of a hill and rolled it over. He was not pleased to say the least.


One day he chased a six-point buck through the middle of town and caused quite a stir. There was not much to do in Oak Creek and that event provided quality entertainment.


When he joined the Air Force it was a sad day for me because he was the last of my brothers to leave

home. To console me he bought me my first transistor radio which I cherished for years.


Tony was a handsome man and a total chick magnet. He did not seem to have much interest in any of them until he met and married Angie, the love of his life with whom he enjoyed 56 years of marital bliss. Angie brought two sons to the marriage and they had a beautiful daughter, Lucinda.


It was a good run Tony. Rest in peace. We love you and will miss you.




*A private military memorial will be held at Fort Logan on a later date once restrictions are lifted due to the CoronaVirus. Please send your condolences to the family at their home. Thank you.

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